VARSAV Game Studios S.A. concentrates activities on games development, publishing and investing in external gamedev companies.

The first game of the studio is Bee Simulator, which has been published 14th of November 2019 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch simultaneously in digital and boxed version. Bee Simulator was also the first Polish game published exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

The VARSAV Game Studios team consists of 40 young and talented developers specializing in creating games offering “a different perspective.” The team does this by introducing to the player a unique main character perspective in the game, previously unexplored in other games.

The studio is currently working on their next game – Giants Uprising – and is finishing pre-production for another project under a working title ARIA. Varsav Game Studios is also an investor in Ovid Works (with recently released Metamorphosis) and two start-up studios – Mooneaters and Perimeter Games and a publisher and co-developer of Brazilian 3D adventure platformer – The Path Of Calydra.

Our next games will be focused on the “games from a different perspective” motto, with a unique main hero perspective, previously unknown in other games.