In Varsav VR S.A. we create dedicated applications (virtual reality applications, VR applications, VR apps) and virtual reality games for marketing and sales departments of any company. We use the latest technology to design virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications.

Varsav VR S.A. is a polish company, listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. We gathered our experience in companies from computer games industry. That is why we are able to design solutions with the highest quality and user experience level. Our passion for virtual reality connected with above-average creativity is a guarantee of the positive effects of our work to your business.

We design applications in a virtual and augmented reality that focus on user experience and accelerate your business development by enabling customers to experience unique brand and product experience. The virtual and augmented reality applications characterize by high immersion in content presented with VR / AR goggles. This is a new approach to product presentation and customer service, an engaging experience that allows users to fully experience the unique features of your product or service.


VR/AR games

We create any virtual and augmented reality games. See the teaser from one of our products

We want to help you creatively expand your business. We provide support of an experienced team of designers, programmers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and marketing specialists. For each customer, we develop individual solutions, in a user-centered design approach, using virtual reality or augmented reality technologies. Our applications may be used on most commercially available VR / AR devices, i.e. Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens.

We offer the development of VR applications and games in virtual or augmented reality, we also create whole VR-based marketing campaigns.

We share our knowledge and experience with our Clients. We design solutions for companies from any industry, including marketing, real estate or e-commerce.

Examples of the use of VR

What virtual reality (VR) means?

Steve Bryson, based on his work in NASA, defined virtual reality with Jaron Lanier (considered as the creator of the concept of virtual reality) as:

“Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create the effect of an interactive three-dimensional world in which the objects have a sense of spatial presence.”




What augmented reality (AR) means?

Ronald Azuma (pioneer in the field of augmented reality) presented the definition that describes AR as a system:

  • Combining the real world and virtual reality;
  • interactive in real time;
  • Providing freedom of movement in three dimensions.

Augmented reality is enhanced by combining the image of the reality, real world with computer-generated objects, superimposed on reality. A simple example to illustrate the effect of augmented reality is the HUD display used for example by combat aircraft pilots or in modern cars. Another example of the use of augmented reality in everyday life is the Pokemon Go game, which on the peak of its popularity has engaged 30 million users per day.