Varsav VR collected 13-personal professional team, with experience from companies like:  CD Projekt Red, Flying Wild Hog, Layopi Games and Creative Forge.

Bee Simulator is a adventure game for the age group 8-50, in which player takes the role of the bee and must carry out all of its assigned task, as it is in real life of bees.

Virtual reality allows the full involvement of the player in the life of one of the wisest of insects in the world. We plan to have full immersion by having first person view, player may see the surrounding similar to how the bees see it.

The game assumptions is to provide fun and knowledge about the role of bees in human life. Such an approach would provide strong PR support from the  organizations that promote bees and try to stop their mass extinction.

Planned production end – the second quarter 2018

Targeted platforms: PC, VR, console